Welcome. My name is Lincoln Ombelets, and I'm currently a graduate student in the Cai Lab at Caltech.


Physical time versus subjective time (2021-03-01)
Though we use the same word for physical, measured time and our subjective experience of time, I think they are distinct.
Thoughts on "The Tacit Dimension" by Michael Polanyi (2021-01-05)
This short book is whirlwind read on the topics of knowledge and representation, consciousness, biology, complex systems and even society.
Prestigious institutions as tone setters (2020-12-31)
People look to prestigious or "top" universities, publications, companies or countries as a proxy for the state of affairs in a given domain. This doesn't mean these are necessarily the best institutions by any particular metric.
Biology's complexity problem (2020-08-01)
An attempt to honestly assess our current understanding of biology through an analogy.